BMUP (Black Mountain Unplugged) is a small FNQ Not for Profit crew of music-fearing volunteers that labour long to bring happy tunes and times to a special FNQ place.


Normally it is a reconstructed/deconstructed/post-neo/retro/alternative byo anti-festival - or simply a fun weekend where you can camp, sit your arse on the grass and watch some cool music under the aura of a truly amazing far northern landform. THIS YEAR (2021) WILL BE OUR 10TH YEAR SO WE ARE GOING SILLY AND PUMPING BMUP10 OVER 2 WEEKENDS WITH CAMPING AVAILABLE IN BETWEEN.

There's no strict programs, no workshops, no children’s festival, no late night doofing, just one stage, one focus and thats all - and it's small.

We have one single abiding rule …. don’t be a dickhead. 




This year BMUP10 2021is AUGUST 13/14/15 AND 20/21/22. You will be able to buy a ticket for either weekend or both weekends.If you buy the double weekend ticket you can camp for the 5 days between and make a pretty cool holiday out of it. Explore around the region (a very special place), check out our tropical delights of waterfalls, beaches, rainforest mountains, savannahs, national parks and the incrediblely iconic Lions Den Hotel just down the road.



Standby for announcements in April...




The Picnic is EVEN MORE RELAXED than Mixtape (minimix?). It is focused on a big Saturday night of world class BLUES and SOUL ; a strange but compelling Saturday afternoon of COUCH CRICKET, and a Sunday morning brunch of breaky and blues. We have a gathering muso's jam on Friday night as well. Good food and coffee, spacious camping, crazy good blues and lazy couch cricket at the heel of one of Australias most intruiging landforms. what else could a punter need?


This year (2021) BLACK MOUNTAIN PICNIC is JUNE (4/5/6). 

Tickets to be announced in April..





Black Mountain Mixtape and it's smaller offspring the Black Mountain Picnic happens at the foot of Black Mountain (Kalkajaka) National Park located at the northern end of the world famous Bloomfield Track in Far North Queensland (or about 20 minutes south of Cooktown).


If travelling from Cairns to Cooktown turn right off the Mulligan Hwy towards Bloomfield/Cape Tribulation and go a smidgeon (meaning not far) and you’ll see the BMUP sign on the left - drive in and you're there..


Alternatively,  if your travelling the track from the south it's just a smidgeon past the iconic Lions Den Hotel.




THINGS TO KNOW FOR BMUP10 2021 weekends


We open the gate on Friday at 10am and you can camp untill Monday so as not to miss Sunday night's game of Q&R (Question and Riff).


The lovely gate crew will issue you with a garbage bag for your rubbish. 

This year we will hopefully have a container refund stall set up thanks to our good mates at Auswaste FNQ.


We ask you not to bring the family dog. If you absolutely must must (and a little tiny weeny dog is still a dog) our notoriously unpredictable enforcer Hillbilly Bill will find out and send you to camp next to the big generator. 


We much prefer to hear sounds of the bush or acoustic instruments being played in camp rather than car stereos. 




FIRES -  August is generally when the dry season is ramping up so it's best to consider NO CAMP FIRES. But that is a call we'll make according to local conditions.

There are fire drums around the stage and a few in the camps so there's still some warmth/staring opportunities. 





There are wood fired hot bucket showers and plenty of CLEAN longdrop dunnies and urinals scattered ‘round with their own cleaning products and hand wash soap. If your aim is untrue, please clean up afterwards. 


There’s a few spring fed drinking water taps, but byo water if that's your need, There's plenty of good food stalls and coffee around  the stage.


First Aid is available at the Info Tent, but they are infamous for going the scalpel, so it’s best to byo bandaids and betadiene if you have a tribe of exploring kids.


Bring a torch - so you don’t disappear down a gully at night.


There’s no eftpos, mobile reception or wifi -so better bring cash.


There is usually ice for sale on Sat/Sun mid-morning by delivery. Otherwise you can always restock with drinks etc from the Lions Den Hotel down the road.


The music begins at sunset on Friday and continues untill midnight.


Saturday will be pretty full with music and cricket...and a siesta break in the late arvo to prepare you for the NIGHT!


Sunday morning....Sleep in...do it...the music will play till the usual frenzied late arvo finish, then a required siesta break before we move over to the awesome tarp and the night time game of Q AND R (Question and Riff) and maybe a post disco!





BMUP aims for musical diversity and to stay self-aware of the killer fff - festival favourites fatigue . Nothing at all against those hard working faves but as an anti-festival we can't offer you standard fare can we! Just like a good C60 Mixtape we aim to turn the music on a dime. You might see some snarling rocknroll followed by a New Orleans Jazz group followed by some Latin layover. As long as it's good music - it's good! 


BMUP is also the only guaranteed chance of seeing those enigmatic rare birds, the Roadtrippers who gather from around the country to close out Saturday night with legend Dave Steel on slide. Saturday night at BMUP is legendary!




BMUPinc. is a QLD Registered Not-For-Profit Organisation. We have been blessed with a dedicated group of construction and visual artist volunteers that return year after year, some of whom put in months of hard yakka before and after. If we need any more hands we will find you. 

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